The company PLANITAS S.A. was established in 2002 as a multidisciplinary company for investment and development in the real estate sector by George and Helen Kolliopoulos.

The founders and shareholders in 2002 invested in a multi storey office building of 800 sq.m. located in Chalandri.


Using the experience in investment PLANITAS S.A. rehabilitated a monumental building of 1000 sq.m. which today is fully operated in the center of Athens in Kypseli. The administration of the building is in the hands of PLANITAS S.A. and it is available for sale.


Since 2005 two affiliate companies of PLANITAS S.A. have been operational in Romania and in Bulgaria in the sector of real estate development.

In Romania a multi storey building has been built in the center of Bucharest consisted of commercial spaces, office spaces and apartments. In Bulgaria a plot of land has been bought but construction has not started yet as there is a final stage of authorization to get the building license. 


In 2005 PLANITAS S.A. bought a piece of land of 2000 sq.m. in the island of Skopelos with the purpose to develop complete furnished villas licensed by the Greek Organization of Tourism (EOT). The complete project consists of four independent villas three of which include its private pool.


Through the present site one can view in detail and gain access to information and booking of the two new Villas named “Joanna" and "Lena". Learn about Skopelos island, explore the spacious areas and the gardens of the villas, see the pools and offered services for each villa and decide which one will fulfill your need for an unforgettable vacation.

 Villa JOANNA blooking  Villa Lena blooking